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How to build an original article?

All original articles are built in exactly the same way every time.

The first page is the title page, followed by a page with the abstract of the article. The abstract is constructed differently from one journal to another, so check the instructions to authors to get guidance. Often it is a structured abstract where the text is divided into specified sections like introduction, methods, results, and conclusion. The next page of the original article is the introduction followed by methods, results and discussion sections. Most journals do not use a separate conclusion with a separate headline, and the conclusion is usually just the last paragraph in the discussion section.

After the discussion section you will put the references on a new page. Thereafter a page of headlines (so-called legends) to tables and figures. On the next page you will give the tables with one table at each new page and then one figure at each new page.

Some journals will want the figures uploaded in separate files through their electronic manuscript system separate from the main text which is also uploaded separately. Again, other journals will want everything in a single document so you have to check the manuscript instructions.

If you are reporting a randomized clinical trial, then the article should follow the CONSORT statement, where you can find good guidance for the exact building of your manuscript.

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