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How to write a good introduction section

The purpose of the introduction section is to catch the reader’s attention and ensure that the reader will keep on reading the paper to the very end. It is important to explain to the reader what the article is about and this has to be done in a reasonable language in order not to frighten the reader and keep him or her reading your paper. If the introduction section is extensive you will most certainly loose many readers that will move on to other sources of information on the internet.

As a rule of thumb it is a good advice to use only two text paragraphs in the introduction. The first paragraph will briefly explain the problem and the lack of evidence in den area (very short). The second paragraph will briefly present the aim of the study and sometimes also the hypothesis.

Keep the number of references to a minimum since the introduction section should not be a comprehensive literature review. Sometimes there may be advanced issues that will need a third paragraph in the introduction section, but in general it is a good idea to try to limit yourself so you only have a background paragraph and a paragraph with aim of study.

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