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You can use web-archiving if you want to use internet references

References on the internet are often not sustainable for a long time and if you follow such an internet reference in a published paper you will sometimes not actually reach the web-page that you want. It is therefore an advantage that you may now use so-called "web-archiving" when using the internet references.

There are places on the internet, where you can save a copy of a website forever. So far it does not cost a fee to do this and hopefully it will stay free of charge. These sites on the internet, e.g. have saved billions of web-pages and they use extreme amounts of bytes for this purpose.

In practice, you go to the webpage that you want to refer to in your article. Then you save it on one of these web-archiving internet-sites and then in your reference in your scientific article you put the link to the archiving site web-page instead of to the original web-page itself. It is very easy to set-up and therefore recommended.

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